Nav 4.0

Hi all,

I have got a trial version for Nav4 and i have tried to open my old database with this version. 'm getting the menusuites and XML ports with this version but the general view (all the menu styles) are not being displayed with this new version. Can anyone provide me the solution for this.

This is handled in CodeUnit 1, so if you open your old database with the old objects, then it should work the same way.

Has David said menus are displayed based in your current Navision DB version.
If you open a 3.70 database with a 4.0 client it will display 3.70 Menus.

When you open a company Navision will check function “CompanyOpen” in Codeunit 1. If I’m not in mistake, if that function has ID 1 it won’t display Navigation pane . A different ID it will display Navigation pane.

If you check that function in 4.0 has ID 30 and in older version you have ID 1.