NAV 4.0 thru 64k lease line?

Hi, is it possible for Navision to be connected using just a bandwidth of 64k? will there be any laggings? What will be the recommended bandwidth required? thanks

When using Terminal Server, the speed should be OK (I do not say good, but you can work). Running direct TCP connection from local FIN.EXE to server using a 64k line will be slower. I did not check that myself, but based on the network traffic my 4.0 produces, I would say so.

Directly connecting the client to a server through a 64Kbps line will be suicide-inducing-slow. Even a 2Mbps connection is pretty slow. But using Terminal Server or Citrix - as Thomas says - should make it OK.

Of course that also depends on how many users will connect. With just one person they will feel like king of the world with that speed (on Citrix or TS), but put more users in there and it gets tricky real fast.

I agree with Daniel, number of users is the point here, you should consider 32k per user, to have a decent performance even 64k per user, and discount other stuff as Messenger, normal internet surfing. We have users that RAS in even with a normal modem and then connect to Navision via Citrix/TS and it works fine. Saludos Nils

Thanks guys…there will only be 2 users connected via the 64k dedicated line… will be trying out tml…w