Nav 4.0 SQL Windows Login

Hi, The server was crashed, so we reinstalled the navision 4.0 and clients. We use the Windows login. After reset the Active directory, user login, and database login, 2 users can login and 2 users can’t login using the windows authentication. In addition, when I try to synchronize, I was given the message of “The Microsoft business solution -navision and SQL server systems have not been synchronized successfully. The database user sa does not exist in the XXX database.” sa is an existing database login user. Has anyone experienced the same problem? thanks

Look into Navision Database Logins, if there is account SA, delete it, I think that it is not possible to use it as Navision user… you can try…

Thanks amil, I had a similar problem some time ago, and never could work out what it was, that makes good sense. At least I will know next time.