Nav 4.0 SP1 generate report slow.

Hi there,

I am currently having some problem when generate report in Nav 4.0 SP1. It takes me 5 minutes for one report.

I am using Nav 4.0 SP1 native database server and all 4 of us experience the same problem. i have set the database server cache size from 10000 to 6000000 (KB) but still the same.

My server specs is :-

Pentium 4 3.00Ghz, 1 GB RAM,

Workstation specs is :-

Pentium 4 2.4Ghz, 1.5GB RAM,

Can anyone help?

Hi Simon,

Is this delay for every report or for some specific reports only?

What is your database size?

You should increase Server Memory (RAM, 1GB is too low).

Hi Dhan Raj Bansal,

Thank for your reply.

It happens to whatever report i want to generate. It even slow in Printing Debtor Invoices and Statement.

My native database is 4GB.

Do you mean that the main cause of the problem is my server RAM is low?

What is the recommended RAM for my server?

Will it solve my performance issue after i increase the RAM?

Please advice,

Thank you

I think above is not cache, may be perhaps your datbase size, your cache can’t be 6 GB…Am I right?

Check you Object Cache size (Tools >>Options), and if required increase it.

Increase server RAM should help.

There can be other reasons also, read the performance thread on this website, there you will find many such discussions.

Is the issue only with reports, or it takes more time even while data entry and in opening forms also?

Hi Dhan Raj Bansal,

Sorry for my late reply as i was on Medical Leave.

I have increase the native database cache size to 600000 (KB) by using mmc snap in.

What is the recommended Object Cache size to increase to? as the default size is 32000.

The problem is not only with reports and it takes more time even performing viewing of item list, customer list and supplier list.

Thank you

When you run the report what happens? Does a window pop up saying it’s searching the table? I find that most slow running reports are caused by setting filters on fields not in the key used on the dataitem.

Hi DigiTecKid,

When i run the report, there is no error messages pop up. It just looks like its running and have to wait for a long time to finish.

Thank you

First, check your filtered fields against the keys set for the dataitems. For best preformance you want all the fields you filter on to be in the key you are using for the dataitem. (Remember that primary key fields are added to the end of each key by the system) You also may want to consider the order of the fields in the key. It may end up that you have to create a new key or add fields to an existing key to speed it up. If adding new fields to an existing key that was not created for the report specifically, you should really only add them to the end of the key. If this isn’t optimal then consider creating a new key. Adding fields to the middle of an existing key may affect other functionality using this key.

Look at your dataitem structure as well. Are you filtering down your repetitive dataitems effectively? For instance if you are running thru all the Customer Ledger Entry records for each Posted Sales Line record your report retreives then it will take a very long time to run.

If neither of these work you may want to consider showing us what the report is doing internally so we can get a better idea of what could be done to resolve it.

i want to install nav 4.0 sp1 …
but it failed is anyone here can help ?