Nav 4.0 SP-1 on Virtual Machine...

Hi All,

For academics, I want to know if it is possible to run NAV 4.0 SP-1 on a virtual machine (specifically Win2000 Pro OR Win 2003 Server running on InnoTek VirtualBox running on Centos 4.4 Linux server).

A friend and myself did an experiment and after installing virtual machine succesfully, installed Navision Server software on it. The software runs ok when run on the virtual Navision Server itself. But when connected from a windows Navision client the client reported error:

The server is not responding anymore (TCP/IP error ECONNRESET). Try following steps… etc. as if the network were bad. Whereas we were able to merrily browse the network between the Virtual Machine, The Linux Server and windows clients.

Could any one throw some light on this issue please ?

Best regards


I can’t comment from direct experience, but this is the response I got from Microsoft on third-party virtual servers.

“KB 897815 references Microsoft’s policy as a whole regarding non-Microsoft hardware virtualization software ( If the Virtual environment runs Windows, NAV would run on it however I can’t speak to the performance a Virtual environment vs. a comparable machine deployment. Any performance issues would be outside the scope of support. Performance issues is the number one reason why we do not recommend using Virtual for NAV in a production deployment.

If the client wants to deploy on VPC or VM Ware, our support would be limited to what we would normally do if NAV were installed on the underlying OS (we support NAV on Windows). Bottom line, if the underlying issue is with the virtual environment, that is not an NAV support issue and we will not provide support.”

Translates as “Good Luck, Don’t Call Us” [:D]