NAV 4.0 not run finsql.exe in windows xp sp3

Whenever try to run NAV 4.0 ,finsql.exe on windows xp sp3. it shows the message “The operating system is not supported by Microsoft Business Solutions- Navision”

Anybody can help?

With NAV 4.0 you need this:

Microsoft Windows 2000, SP4
Microsoft Windows XP, SP2
Microsoft Windows 2003, SP1

But I think the question should be, why you wanna ride so many dead horses at once? NAV 4.0 and XP are actually “fossiles” …

Jorg, in general you’re right, but… I have some clients still running 3.70 on XP; feeling happy and even not thinking about upgrade.
Why to “repair something that is not broken”, read, spend a (big !) bunch of $$$ for new OS, office apps, server apps (MSSQL), finally, for hardware, too, as it turns out that all this new software has much higher HW requirements.

Smaller companies with tight budgets can easily “lower the standards so that dead horses can be included” with no harm to them, especially in this (post)crisis period [:)]

Yes, I know that these kind of decisions are “budget driven”. But I just can’t really undestand why companies are running the most important, business critical software - which an ERP system usually is - on fossile platforms and outdated & unsupported versions …

Thanks for reply…I couldn’t understand 800x600, but we are running the same on other PCs which are having windows XP.