Nav-4.0 Installation

Hi Al,

Can i Install Nav-4.0sp1 on Windows-Vista , For tht do i need to Install anythng more .

If so , plz let me know from where i can Download?



I did not succeed with this.

Maybe there is a “trick” - but I just upgraded all my customers to 5.0 runtime and I do not have this problem anymore.

The oldest NAV version that can run in Windows Vista is Navision 4.0 SP3 + Hotfix for Vista. So NAV 4.0 SP1 won’t run in Vista. Upgrade your client to at least 4.0 SP3 + patch.

Hi Nuno,

Up to today I thought this was correct —but my collegue was able to run V4.0 SP2 on vista, when and only when, the client was launched from a USB portable disk. Not sure why and haven’t tested myself (as I use Vista) but we may have stumbled onto something.

You are telling something that I really I didn’t know.

Every time I had run NAV 4SP2 from program files it simply won’t run. I guess there a workaround for that.[:P]