Nav. 3.70: Skipped posted document no. - Solution?

In Navision 3.70 (HU) we experience the phenomenon, that sometimes a number of the number series of “Posted sales invoice” is skipped. This happens when the sales order cannot be posted because there is an error in the lines. Now the questions: How to correct this. Theoretically the roll-back function of Navision should take care of this, but it doesn’t. Any idea for a “work-around”? Thanks.

Hi, delete the first commit in CU80 and than the rollback will give this number back. One comment : Without this commit, the tables will be locked longer, so you can only post one invoice at a time. One thing I’ve had done : before the "Assign a posting number " function, check if the user has the rights to post in the period. In standard navision you can get a posting number from a no. series, but if you haven’t the rights you can’t post it. This is very annoying if you have no series per month (ex : PO/01/0001 for Jan, PO/02/0001 for feb.,…) Hope this helps Nico