NAV 3.70 and the latest Microsoft's Security Updates

Hi, a customer of us has updated yesterday evening the Navision server, which is a Windows Server 2003, with the latest package of security updates from Microsoft.

As a result, after the reboot, the Navision service didn’t start.

If you try to manually start the server.exe, it gives you this error : “Could not start the Navision Database Server (name_of_the_db) service on Local Computer. Error 1 : Incorrect function.”

They have Navison 3.70B.

Anyone has experienced this yet ?

Thank you


I don’t know the reason for this error, but I guess it’s quit urgent, so I would reinstall the Navision Service (uninstall and then install).

Best Regards


Accordingly to a post on Mibuso ( you can solve the issue by resetting the cache parameter on the Navision database service.



Thank you, no panic : simply removed temporarily the Microsoft’s updates !

Thank you, my friend from the Antipodes !

I guess that only one named Jesus could have had the answer !!