Nav 3.60: There is no contact with BizTalk Server

Hello! I’ve set up CGRS, NAS and BizTalk 2002 for Navision Attain 3.60. They are all installed on the same server. I’ve got a specific domain account for all these services. The account is a member of local administrators and BizTalk administrators. Now, everything works OK as long as I’m logged on to the BizTalk/NAS/CGRS server with the dedicated domain account. This means that I can update contracts in Navision, send POs to BizTalk channels etc. But as soon as I try to do these tasks on another computer (e.g. a standalone Navision client computer), I get an error message “There is no contact with BizTalk Server”. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

There are two additional Security groups that you will need to add your logon to. They are both prefaced with “Biztalk” and are required for you to access the Biztalk API (which is what the Navision components are doing through CGRS)