NAV 2018 - Release & Reopen Sales order authority assignment

Hi everyone,

Is is possible to assign permission to specific user for release/reopen sales order ?

Any help and insight are appreciated.

You will have to make a customization. In the user setup table create a boolean field and then based off the this field you can control the release and reopen of Sales order.

That’s a kind of a question where the answer is “yes and no”.

No - because there is no user role you can directly assign to allow releasing orders.

But on the other hand - “yes”, because it’s possible to do it without customizing the code.

Option one - manage access to the codeunit 414 which performs release / reopen action. You can create your own role allowing execution of this particular codeunit. The downside of it is that you can’t use the BASIC role as the actual basis for your setup, since it allows to run all codeunits, and restricts access based on tables. This way, you’ll have to create your own basic role that will give execution permission to all necessary codeunits, except 414, and 414 will reside in its own separate role.

Option two - probably, a simpler one: create a user profile with customized ribbon for pages 42 and 9305 - just remove the buttons from the ribbon.

Here, you can read how to edit a user profile: