NAV 2018 - Decimal separator problem in native report

Hi everyone,

I need help & insight on this case.

A friend of mine from different company asked me why the report 1302 (proforma invoice) having no decimal separator. For example 1000000.00

Then i created a cronus demo database in my desktop and test the report default from cronus, it shows decimal separator like 1,000,000.00

Then I checked his object designer and find out that he has unmodified report which hasn’t been modified, still original from development.

However when i imported r1302 from his object designer to my cronus database and ran it, it shows no decimal separator.

What’s the cause of this ? How can two native report different in term of decimal separator ?

I’m not a consultant and not very good at modern dynamics nav, however if you can give me insight and suggest a solution on this case i really appreciate it.

If nothing changes in the system except the report object - then the difference must be somewhere in the object.

Are these objects from the same / different versions of NAV?

Do you have access to the report designer? If you do, you can check formatting properties in the Visual Studio or SQL Server Report Builder. Standard version of the report 1302 seems to display numbers without any formatting:

Is this property the same or different in two verions?

Hi Alexander,

I’ve done more research, it seems even the NAV version is the same but the build no is different for this object.

The cronus db i’ve made actually come from newest cummulative updates (CU) which happened to update the object report 1302, while my friend db is from the one of the oldest and earlier CU.

Thanks for the help.