NAV 2018 - Attaching files to bookings

Hi All

Hoping to solve 3 small questions

  1. When booking in general journal - in the view Incoming Document. Is it possible to attach the same file to many different document numbers in one go?

  2. Howe can I delete a linked attachment? I can add more but not delete a wrongfully link.

  3. Is it possible to copy all my settings (views) to a new or other user profile. It would be helpful when I got to teach a new user if we got the same settings.



Hi Poulsen -

Below are the answers to your question.

  1. Yes, it is possible to attach the same to different document BUT NOT in one go because the Gen. Journal line goes by the Line no. and you can add as many document to each line but not in one go. You have to do a customization to add some action on the ribbon such that you can copy the same document to the Record link table for each line in the Gen. Journal line.

  2. On the General Journal ribbon you will see a menu item called Incoming document, if you click on the down arrow you will see a option called Remove incoming document, put the cursor on the document you want to remove and them click on Remove incoming document and the document will be removed.

  3. Very good question, I too tried this and unfortunately it did not work. Every user’s profile is setup differently and it’s in some sort of binary format and you could copy the personalization and roles but the settings in the role center does not work you have to open 2 sessions and keep them next to each other and then change the role center profile manually.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, much appreciated.

  1. Note Its possible to attach one document to many lines in one go - If all line got the same document no. The journal will not show this, but after booking the attachment will be on every ledger account.
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