Nav 2017 Instaltion for Development


i am talking abount NAV2017

I am new to NAV, I have installed NAV Demo and found some issues or doubts that are as follows:

on first time installation, i am not able to connect nav and always found message " you did not configured server settings some like this… to solve it, i just uninstall the NAV and all sql Instances of sql2012 and sql2016 and even i also uninstall the all sql versions.

so, now i have no any sql and nav, ok

then first i installed sql2012 and created a instance “sql2012” and then i intalled nav2017 with server configuration.

i dinn’t mentioned any instance name “dynamicNav100” then why it comes in nav servers list? screen shot attached

and while i intalled sql2012 then why instance "navdemo " created under sql2016 while i din’t intalled it screenshot attached

kindly clear my doubts


These are the default instances that get created when we install demo

i was also thinking this … it is due to by default. but why “dynamicNav100” is not displaying in any sql of any version

When you select the demo installation, it also installs SQL Express with an instance called NAVDEMO, and it puts the service tier in as DynamicsNAV100 (or 90 or 80 all depending on the NAV version you are installing). The database name will be “Demo Database NAV (10-0)” (or 9-0 or 8-0 depending on the version).

It doesn’t matter if you already have SQL Server installed, the demo database will get its own SQL Express instance. This is VERY annoying, but it’s just the way that it works.

If you want to control which instance of SQL Server you want the demo database to go in, what the database name is, what port the service tier uses, then you have to select the custom installation. In that case, you can select each individual NAV component that you want, and you have total control over the configuration.

DynamicsNAV100 is not the database name, it is the name of the service that runs the service tier. The database name will be “Demo Database NAV (10-0)” and you should find that on the NAVDEMO instance. In SQL Server Management Studio, click the ‘Connect’ button and then click ‘Database Engine’, which opens the ‘Connect to server’ dialog. Drop down the server name selection and if NAVDEMO doesn’t already show up, then click ‘browse for more’. Under Local Servers you should then see NAVDEMO as an instance on your server. So if your server is called “MYSQLSERVER” then you will probably have one called ‘MYSQLSERVER’ and another ‘MYSQLSERVER\NAVDEMO’. select NAVDEMO and hit OK and then Connect.

Actually, I just now looked at your screenshot and you are already looking at the right instance. The demo database is right there.

You already know how to see the service tier, that is in your first screenshot.

So to see the database name of the service tier, click on DynamicsNAV100 in the admin shell, and then you should see the details of the service tier in the main screen. Scroll down and expand the Database area and you should see the server name and database name in the setup there.