NAV 2017 – error in Customer Statement report?

Has anyone else run into the Customer Statement’s including your own phone no. in the customer’s address in NAV 2017? It seems that the fields are customer:

[city, state, zip, country]

– except that [phone] comes out as your own, not the customer’s :slight_smile:

Hi Erik,

Exactly where do you find this? Assume its in report 116? But are you saying that phone no. is being printed as part of the customer address section in the report output?
I checked the standard report, and the only phone no. coming out of NAV is the company phone no. used by the header.

You would need to open the report editor (either SQL report builder or Visual Studio) to see exactly which field it is.

Ahh, there are two Customer Statement reports in my NAV 2017: 116 and 1316. It is the latter that has the error. So in these modern versions, this lowly user has to go to his NAV partner :slight_smile: Now I know where to lead them – thank you :slight_smile:

Ahh yes, there is also the “new” 1316. That’s the one which have a Word layout and was made for the Dynamics 365 for Financials, Business Edition. All the 1300 reports around there are all these more simplified word reports. You don’t need SQL Report builder or Visual Studio or anything fancy to change their layout. Just Word.

Thank you. I’ll report the error.