NAV 2017 deleting warehouse picks

Just started playing with a test database before we go live.

I created a pick, but want to know how to delete pick.

if you register it it will gone.

Why do you need to delete it?

I understand the register part. I am just running through tests and there are times we need to delete picks and then re-create them.


This is the error I get. Just FYI… cause I’m not sure if this matters, but we are on a test database and not live.

Thank you

And if you see than you are also in a custom page 50007 and it is obvious this code that is causing your problems. Maybe you should talk to your developer?

You would need to create a special function/codeunit which will be able to do this. But you should really consider using the test toolkit, it already have tests for the standard warehousing module and then you should create your own. Then you don’t a user to make sure it’s tested correctly. [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]

I think you have either Extensions or Event Subsctiber in the your DB. Check it first.

Ok thank you

You can create and delete Picks n number of times until and unless its registered!!

If Registered you need to go with Movements.