NAV 2016 - Sales Post via Job Queue

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to setup NAV to use Background Posting. I create a Job Queue Entries with CodeUnit 88 - Sales Post via Job Queue and a Job Queue to run it.

But when the when the Job Queue start it always show the error:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Record ID to Process must have a value in Job Queue Entry: ID=… It cannot be zero or empty.


I don’t know what the problem is, please share your ideas about this?


Hej Hai,

You should follow the setup for how to use codeunit 88. The use is different to other job queue entries, as it’s part of the “background posting” functionality which have been in Navision since NAV 2013.

Here is a good blog post on how to use it:

Or from MSDN:

Dear Mr. Erik,

Thanks for your reply. Just as you said, background posting is different to others. I remove the Job Queue Entries of CodeUnit 88 and restart the job queue then the background posting runs fine.

But something is still not right. When I post the SO, the Job Queue Status did change to ’Scheduled to Posting’ but then change to ’Posting’ right away. I don’t want this, I want the SO to be posted at the end of the day.

In the second link you suggest, it says: “Microsoft Dynamics NAV creates a job queue entry that specifies codeunit 88. The creation of the entry is automatic.”. Then how can I setup the Starting Time of this Job Queue?

Thank you,

The whole purpose of using the “background posting” is to push the posting to the background, so that the users can continue. Instead the invoice/order is posted at first convenience. So you don’t actually schedule the posting, it just creates a one time job for each invoice to be posted.

What you wanna do is “traditional” batch posting. :wink:

But you can do that as well. Then you just need to disable the background posting again, because this you cannot schedule. Instead create a job queue job to run the batch posting reports (report no. 296 etc.).

Thank you Mr. Erik,

I am totally misunderstand the purpose of ‘Background Posting’ :D.

And a Job Queue to run Batch Posting is what I need.


Did you program something to create those entries? You should just turn on background posting, and NAV will take care of that automatically. Here’s a link that will tell you how to do that:…/hh879081(v=nav.90).aspx