Nav 2016. I have a user that try's to run any report within NAV and it lock's up.

I have a laptop that will not allow a certain user to run any reports. It will not bring up the Filter page and then lock’s up NAV. The only way out is TaskMgr. Below is what I’ve tried. Any help would be appreciated.

-Uninstalled Nav 2016 from the setup.exe.

-deleted C:\Users%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics Nav folder.

-deleted C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\90

-Reinstalled NAV still experiencing same issue.

-If I logon as a different user to NAV on the same laptop it works fine.

You almost answered your question with the last statement. Or at least you know where to look for the answer.

If you can print from the laptop, with a different user-id, then the issue is related to the user. Which again means permissions. And if the user (who cannot print from this laptop) is able to print from a different pc, then it not an issue in NAV, but in the laptops settings (which I know almost nothing about).

If the user is not able to print from other pc’s either, then you need to look in the users permissions inside NAV.

Have you experienced other issues with this user’s ability to do other things in NAV?


Thanks for the response. The problem is that user in question can pull up reports on other machines. At first I thought it was permissions to. But after having the user be able to pull up reports on other pc’s that theory got scraped.

Ok, yes that’s strange. Does preview or save as word/excel works?
Did you check if the user has a default printer when logged into this laptop?

And which build of NAV 2016 are you using? Did you try with the latest cumulative update?