NAV 2016: How to restore a deleted Sales Order.

Is there away to restore a deleted Sales Order? FYI: I can locate the deleted Sales Order with Sales Order Archives but when I select to restore it indicates does not exist anymore.

I’m sorry, but there is no way to “restore” a deleted sales order in the standard system. If you have the sales order archive, then you could get this functionality developed. But it’s not standard.

Even if Archival is not on then you cant do this too what Eric Said. I have seen may times people asking this question to roll back Posted Invoice if possible but in Standard NAV system doesn’t allow, Obviously you can take the reference but that’s the only way.

You should be able to restore it from the Sales Order Archive, but it requires the Sales Order to exist.

You simply need to create a dummy Sales Order Header with the exact same number as the deleted Sales Order, before trying to restore from the Archive.