Nav 2016 Commercial Invoicing Export Documents

Is “paperless invoicing” available with NAV – in regards to export commercial documents.

Are you looking for a solution that goes beyond the “Post and Send” (invoice) standard functionality in NAV?

It depends on what you define as a commercial invoice and “paperless invoicing”?

To most of my customers a commercial invoice is a document used in connection with export shipments, to state the commercial value of the shipped products. The document is typical required before the actual ship and invoice of the order. So the easiest way to get this report is to copy the sales order report, and change a few captions.

As to “paperless invoicing” then it again depends on what it means to you. PDF etc. is available of course, but the document is not part of PEPPOL functionality either. Not without customizations at least.
I don’t know if this is available in any localized e-invoicing solution, and you didn’t mention which local version you are using.