NAV 2016 - Change Log setup (Log Deletion) question

Hi Folks -

One of our customer has a issue with the Change log. The change log entry shows as below

Date Userid Tablecaption Primarykefieldvalue2 Field caption Type of change Old Value New Value

03/04/18 A Sales Header SO301 Salesp. Code Modification 123

03/05/18 B Sales Header SO301 Salesp. Code Deletion 123

On the First line User A modified the Salesperson code on a Sales order and the system created the line correctly. The second user B just posted the same sales order and and the system created old value as 123 and New value blank.

Ok, say even if the second user deleted the salesperson code value and made it blank, how come when the order was posted and on the Posted sales invoice when I filter on Order no. SO301 I see the Salesperson code as 123 if the change log says new value is blank.

Anyone knows what Type of change field deletion means.

Any help is highly appreciated.


Type Deletion means that the sales header record was deleted. That happens when it get posted.

Thanks Erik, that answered my question.