Nav 2016 Assigning different Approval ID's from the same user id.

Nav 2016: Is there away to setup a 2 step workflow approval. Ex: User A I have setup to send approvals for Sales Orders to User B(Working perfectly). But here’s the rub I want to setup the same User A to send Sales Credit Memo Approval Workflow to User C: Within the Approval User Setup table I see Approver ID and Substitute. Can you have multiple Approval ID’s?

Here is what I had to do for the exact same request from one of our customer. In the Approval user setup I had to create a new field called Second approver Code 50 linked to User table. Then In the Approval mgmt. Codeunit search for Usrd and Usrd1 variable. Here is where you have to write and call your own function. What I did was if you see the function you will see that a variant is passed to the function to get the rec which will get your the Document type, if the Document type is Credit memo then I wrote a function to send a approval to second approver and also you have to modify the Notification management codeunit to send a notification back from second approver to the User A in your case. Do not use the Substitute approver because that has its own functionality built in. You definitely need to modify the posting routine for this .