NAV 2015 - Server cannot be found when edit/compile objects

Hi guys,

I encounter a strange error when edit or compile object on NAV 2015 (build 8.00.38798). This error only occurs on certain objects not every objects file.

Example, I can edit/compile Table Sales Line but not Table Sales Header.

I can edit/compile codeunit 81,82,83,84 but not codeunit 80 and 86.

I will encounter the said error message below and database closed unexpected when edit/compile the objects.

Error Message

The {SQL Server Name} server cannot be found. Try again later or contact your system administrator.

I restore the database on SQL Server 2012. The NAV Server Service is running and no error encounter.

I tried install and reinstall the entire NAV 2015 services and components.

I tried reconfigure the NAV Server Service with different port number for all the services.

I tried re-upload the license file. During installation not upload license and uploaded later through Developer Environment.

After tried above solution still encounter the same problem. Can anyone advice what should I do?

Thanks in Advance

Steven Lim