NAV 2015 Reports, Standard Report 120 Aged Accounts Receivables, Blank Values

In 2015 I have come across some instances where reports are showing blank values in one preview mode but show in the page preview mode. We have tried reinstall of client and report viewer but issue still occurs no matter how big or small the data is.

Comments and suggestions appreciated.


What happens if you actually print the report (saves to pdf)?

Does it show correctly here?

And you are aware that very often then a report appears differently in the preview and print mode? The differences are often different ways characters are formatted when shown and when printed. And that happens even if you actively programs it or not. One of the typical ways you see it, is that some report doesn’t even change page numbers, but just list everything in one long list. But when printed, then it handles pages correctly.

Hello Erik

The printouts and the send to PDF are functioning properly. It is just the print preview mode that shows blank values.

Ahh, seen that before. It’s typically something with the formatting. Somehow the formatting settings in Visual Studio are not giving you the correct display. Assuming that you didn’t change report with the purpose of it looking the same. The way it renders the report is different based on what the media is. You’ll also notice that some reports, when you get a preview, looks very different. Typically it’s that reports in preview do not change pages, unless the report actively creates new pages. But also check if changing fontsizes etc. helps.