NAV 2015 - Print Report from a List Page

Hi everyone,

I have a List Page with data retrieved from query.

I’m trying to print a Report from the result data in the List Page. Could you please suggest some solution?

Thanks in advance,


I think you want to create a report using query.

If that is the case refer here…/dn833453.aspx

Let me know if you are looking for something else.

Hi Hai,
You could use the Ctrl+E. That creates an Excel version of the page, that you can print.
Or you can do the same with Word.

The alternative is that the report needs to be programmed first. No easy shortcut. :slight_smile:

Hi Mr. Dhyani,
Thanks for your reply. I’m actual looking for something else :D.
My expected goal would be like running the function ‘Calculate Plan’ in Planning Worksheet >> then print the Report of the result.

Hi Mr. Erik,

Thanks for your reply.
Ctrl+E is what I’m using, now I want to print a Report directly from the List Page.
And you mention Word, can we export to Word from a List Page?



Yes you can export to word using shortcut Ctrl + W.

If you want to create a Report, You can create a Report on Table Requisition Line and add it on page. When user clicks on report you can filter records based on Template name and batch name that is selected and display all in the Report output.

Make Sense?

Thanks Mr. Dhyani,
I’m getting the idea, now I will try to do it.

Welcome and let us know if you have any doubts.