NAV 2015 CU 1 and CU 15 on same machine

I have CU 1 installed and I restored several databases with it for development.

Now I have another database on CU 15.

What shall I do to be able to restore it and use it with the other ones?

Hi poppins,

you can’t do this, sad as it is. You need another machine. There are some things that are allowed, though. You could do your development on the most recent binary, but you can’t (!!!) connect to the customer’s databases with this client then. The .fobs you create need to be recompiled when imported into your client’s databases. This should be best practice anyway.

with best regards


If you really need two builds installed, then another way could be to install a virtual machine HyperV (incl. on Windows 10) or Oracle Virtual Box.
You can see how NAV MVP Per Mogensen explains how to install it here:
Then you can run as many different builds as you want! :slight_smile: