NAV 2013 Web Client and Active Directory Password Expiration

We have a client using NAV 2013 and they have a group of approximately 50 users that only use the web client for access to NAV. We have recently identified an issue with this group where they were having problems getting signed into the web client because their password was getting ready to expire. They were not in the office or connected through a VPN, so they didn’t realize it was expiring. Once the password expired, they could no longer sign into the NAV Web Client and contacted IT (who reset their password).

Since these users rely heavily on the NAV Web Client, but aren’t always in a position where they can connect to the office via RDP or VPN, is there a way to have the NAV Web Client display some kind of message that their password is expiring soon? This would be similar to what a Windows machine does when you login and it says your password expires in 7 days. The other question is does anyone know of a way to have the NAV Web Client let a user with an expired password login and then bring up a change password box similar to what a Windows machine would do?

Some of these users could work off an iPad or Android tablet for weeks at a time, so telling them they have to remote into the office once a week or something like that would be met with resistance and I’m trying to come up with other options.

Hi David ,

This has to be a little customization in CU1. I used a .NET assembly to assist my job in this.

You can target the web clients if you want , assuming you are using windows authentication .