Nav 2013 USER Licensing

Hi All,

I am new into NAV development.

Please give me an idea whether NAV 2013 licensing can be done at Granule level.

If so ,how is the access to the Granule is controlled. How the NAV server identifies the user of a particular Granule

I highly recommend you to read this:

Hi Tony,

Dynamics NAV 2013 and NAV 2013 R2 is only available on the so-called Perpetual License. You can read more about this license type in the perpetual licensing guide. This means that the old granular licensing is no longer used.

When you buy a NAV 2013 license you start by buying a “Starter Pack”. This includes 3 Full-Users and all the basic functionality. Then you can extend this functionality by buying the “Extended Pack”, which includes the remaining standard functionality (excluding advanced development).

You can then buy additional users. Either as Full Users, which contain full functionality according to either just Starter Pack or the Extended Pack. Additional you can buy the so-called “Limited Users” (described in the link in Rafa’s reply). Here you can read the content of all tables, but only update 3 named tables, plus a number of predefined tables (described in the link).

Thank you Rafa. The link provided a fairly good idea about the Microsoft Nav 2013 perpetual Licensing.

The only concern is that all the users will have the read access to all the licensed NAV functionalities which is not a good practice if the company doesn’t want a user of a particular department to see the data of all other departments.

Although we can control this through the Role Centre concept, we cannot limit the access to all the functionalities through the Department menu in the RTC.

Please correct me if anything mentioned above is wrong.

Hi Tony,

Well they only optional have read access to all tables. You still need to specify which tables they are allowed to read in the permission setup. This the same with any users. They can only access the tables you have specified they are allowed to read (and write).