Nav 2013 Training

New to NAV 2013. Lookng for some training courses, starting with some introductory to a more in-depth details.

Hi Lim,

We provide one to one online training by industry expert. If interested Kindly contact



I am actually looking at the following 2 courses:
(a) 80437A - C/Side Solution Development in MS Dynamics NAV 2013
(b) 80439 - Introduction in MS Dynamics NAV 2013

Can I have more details on:
a. How will the course be conducted? Timing? For info, I am residing in Singapore. Any hands-on opportunity?

b. How would the charges be like?

Thank you & I look forward to your reply.


Welcome to DUG!!!

Do you have access to Customer Source /Partner source ?? You can find training material in this site.

As well as you can access youtube and find lot of videos regarding NAV 2013

Hi Amol,

Thanks for your suggestion, well that is recorded video available on online training, its different from conventional training.