NAV 2013 "RTM": Unable to customize some Ribbon actions in Home tab

In NAV RTM, there are new actions automatically added to home tab of each page by system, which did not exist in 2009 & 2012 (BETA) versions, like these in Posted Sales Invoice page for example:

The problem is there’s no ways to demote/remove/reposition these actions.

If I experiment with removing all actions of this page from page designer to see if these actions will be removed from Home tab. Here is what happens when I run this page:

All actions still exists except for “Navigate” which has correctly disappeared. Also, captions of the still existing actions has been changed to Action[Number] format.

Please suggest if there is any possibility of customizing these actions as it pretty much clutters the Ribbon interface especially in case of documents with many actions added to home tab such as sales order, making promoting other actions to attract users’ attention much less effective than earlier NAV RTC versions.

This link can help you

You have to click Customize ribbon either from microsoft Dynamics NAV–>Customize

or you can click on empty space in above image and right click…

Hi Mohana,

Thanks a lot your reply.

I’m actually looking for a solution that will take effect for all users rather than personalization just for an individual user.

Is it possible to save ribbon customization based on your suggestion as default for all users without having to do it for each user individually?

Yes, you can open RTC in Configuration mode…

Hi Mohana,

That is really helpful. Thank you very much!