NAV 2013 RTC - Send to Microsoft Excel


I am using Nav 2013 RTC . I have added few fields in Page 39 and when i click Send To - Microsoft Excel(Action item) i don’t find those fields in excel but in other pages it is working fine.

Could you please help me to resolve this issue?

Fields are exported in Excel only if they the corresponding source expression is a field of the table the page is based on, can you check that?

With variables it doesn’t work.


Actually it is not exporting ShortcutDimCode[3] to ShortcutDimCode[8] dimensions these are page level variable expressions.

Daniele Rebussi thank you reply. I agree with you but any alternate solution?

can we workout with Microsoft Dynamics NAV2013 Style Sheet Tool ?

No, I don’t think is gonna help using the Style Sheet Tool for this requirement: my suggestion is add the shortcut dimension codes as new fields in table 81 and manage them when changing the Dimension Set ID.

Dear Daniel,

For the Pages to be export only the fields which are the Part of Table can be Exported out. Page level variables cannot be exported.

In your case if necessary I think can add new field in tables as Shortcut Dim 3 . and assign the value on OnAfterGetRecord trigger of page. Then this will be exported out.



Thanks Daniel and Dnyaneshwar.