NAV 2013 reports-Blank between body and footer

Hi everyone,

I am having a problem with a report layout in NAV 2013.

I have created a footer for my report and I have inserted a texbox just in the bottom of the body.

When I preview, it is OK but when I print the report, I find a huge blanck space between the textbox and the footer content…

How can I eliminate this blank space?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Footer section always prints at the bottom of the page whatever the body size…

So, you’re saying that it can’t be fixed?

You can create a group in your table and add group footer to it.

Show your data in Group Footer.

U can also try by adding another Parent table. it works Sometime…

Palak, can you post an example where you eliminated the white space between the last object in the body and the start of the footer, regardless of the amount of lines that the report has to process so such non existence of whitespace can not be attributed to luck?