NAV 2013 Reports-Avoid blancks with empty text box

Hi everyone,

I am having an issue with empty text boxes in my reports.
I want to avoid the blanck space generated if the textbox is empty.

I tried to use the visibility property of the textbox this way:

=iif(Fields!CompanyAddr6.Value="", TRUE,FALSE)

and this way:

=iif(isNothing(CompanyAddr6.Value), TRUE,FALSE)

but it didn’t work both ways, the empty space is still here Brick wall
How can I get rid of it?

Thanks in advance :)

You could try the CanShrink property of the textbox.

I’ve just tried it and it didn’t work, the empty space is still here…

Not sure why neither Visibility nor CanShrink work.

You can still try something ugly like setting the Height property of the textbox to zero and the CanGrow property to True and move the controls below up accordingly.