NAV 2013 Report Design: Images is messing up the layout

When I’m using both the standard (out of box) reports like report no. 206 (sales invoice) or my own reports and using images (logos) then instead of printing in the “back” then it messes up the whole layout and “pushes” everything away.

In NAV 2009 it looked fine and the logos were printing correctly, but now it’s “clearing” the area from the left to the right where the logo is in the middle. So I can’t have the logo next to any text.

Have you see this too? And do you know how to solve this issue?

Am I really the only one who have seen this?

I’m having the exact same problem in the standard CRONUS company for NAV 2013, when I enable printing logo in Sales & Receivable Setup (setting to center).


I’ve checked my system - seems everything is fine. Maybe you can attach screenshot with the issue?


Here is how the preview of the standard sales invoice report looks in NAV 2013 DK without a logo:


And here is how it looks with the logo set to right alignment in NAV 2013:

And here is how it looks in comparison in NAV 2009 R2 DK (standard un-customized invoice)

Here the logo is “correctly” displayed in the background with the fields over it. In NAV 2013 it causes the underlying text controls to be “pushed” away from the image area.

How to get the NAV 2009 functionality in NAV 2013?

We had a similar “problem” previewing a report. Turns out it actually printed correctly.

Now I only ever use Print PDF for my previews.

Please see if you can check the cangrow and can shrink property of your image boxes. I would expect them to be false, just to make sure they do not take more space…!

Yes we had also faced this issue.

What we did is kept a gap in between of the image box and the text box on the report.

Erik, have you solved the issue? I stille have this issue and havenot found a solution. Hope you have the solution