Nav 2013 R2 and Outlook 2013.

Hi ,

I got stuck with one issue while integrating Nav 2013 R2 and Outlook 2013.
I have a requirement that Sales Quote Item Lines to be generated in Outlook Body with some format.I can able to pull the data to outlook body using Codeunit 397 Mail.
Some thing like this

Outlook Body
Item Code:Item001
Quantity:100 KG
Unit Price:44.00

the body should be format with a table box

| Inline image 1
| - | - |

can any one suggest on this ?

Thanks for your time.

how about below issue.

In outlook body system is ignoring spaces

for example


txt Text 100

mail codeunit 397


txt:=‘Item Code :’;


Output in Outlook body(given space are 20 but only one space is considered)
Item Code :

Can any one suggest on this?


Got hint from Mr.Gunnar

Here is the solution:


‘+‘Item Code’+’ +’+‘recSL.Description’+’




Hi Mohammed,

we have solved all issues (problems) that companies have with the integration of NAV and Outlook.
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Basically, we have re-programmed the Outlook integration. It works with a buffer table, and you as a developper, can use the whole Outlook library to link whatever table in NAV you want, with all the business rules.

The beauty is that it runs from NAV, so you can change the business rules, and de-bug if something goes wrong with your own solution