NAV 2013: Qty. on Job Order

Hallo All,

I am using the Cronus NAV 2013 R2. There is this very nice new field avaliable on the Item card: “Qty. on Job Order”. This shall show the Item Qty. entered on the Job Planning Lines.

Yet sth. seems to be wrong:

  • at first MRP doesn’t see the Job Planning Lines as a source of demand - and according to the manual it should;
  • the qty. entered on the Job Planning Lines is not visible directly on the item card in the “Qty. on Job Order” field (see print screen No. 1)
  • but the funny thing is, when you open the field it qnt. is there :slight_smile:

So the question, do we have a BUG in NAV 2013 R2…or may be I do sth. wrong…or there is something missing in the Cronus configuration?

Any help welcome :)!