NAV 2013 Page Design: How to put a "warning" on a page?

I have a request from a customer to put a warning to the sales order page if a comment exist on the customer.

It should not be the “normal” way that I have done many times before, that shows a MESSAGE when entering the customer no.

If any comment lines exists on the customer then the “warning” should always be visible on the sales order.

I’m basically completely empty for idea’s…

To show a message after entering the Customer No. isn’t the best solution.

In my opinion there are two possibilities:

  1. Create a boolean field after the Cust.No, that shows whether there are Comments or not.

  2. Create a Info Box that shows the Comments.

Compared to the customer, you can argue that a Message Box is read only by some people


Thanks, that was actually what I already did. I created a factbox which displayed the comment. But although this displays the comments, it was not enough “warning”!

You Could also create a Client Addin, which formats Text bigger and show the Warning on the Top.

That’s a good idea!

I have just never tried to create Client AddIn’s before, so it will require a bit of trial and error for it to work…

This Walkthrough helped me, to develop a simple text formating Client Addin. Maybe it helps you too.

Well I ended up doing a much simpler solution. It worked fine just to insert a function which popped up the customer comments on to the onAfterGetRecord trigger on the page. I were already using the same function to pop-up the comments whenever a customer no. was entered into a new order.

But thank you for your suggestions.