NAV 2013 - Manufacturing Batch Unit of Measure Column - Does not exist as an option in Units of Measure Window


I want to customize the Units of Measure window to include the column for a Manufacturing Batch Unit of Measure Code (per the instructions as to How to Use the Manufacturing Batch Unit of Measure). The Help files in NAV 2013 indicate to go to the Units of Measure window, open the shortcut menu for the column headings, and then find this column as an option on the list to add to the table. However ‘Manufacturing Batch Unit of Measure Code’ is not a column option. What am I missing?



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Is Manufacturing Batch unit of measure is field added in table ? If not then you can not see the same while addition as column.


Thank you for your welcome, and thank you for your reply. What’s confusing is that the ‘Help’ files want you to add the manufacturing batch unit of measure code to the Units of Measure window. But there is no option to do so that I can find. The ‘Quantity Per Unit of Measure’ column is available on the ‘Item Unit of Measure’ table, but not through the ‘Unit of Measure’ table. The Unit of Measure table is accessible from the Production BOM, but not the Item Unit of Measure table. This is the frustrating part because I want to handle the batch unit of measure formula through my Production BOM.