NAV 2013 Exporting Customer Sales Prices to Excel

Hely peepz

I have a bit if a dilemma. We have the Sales Price Page 7002 (with source table Sales Price 7002), We have added additional fields in i.e. description, description2 and company name by means of global variables and putting these variables within the properties of the field so when the page loads and there are sales prices, additional info is also displayed. However the issue is when we use the standard export to Excel function (Print & Send), it only exports the fields which are on the table and not the variable related fields… Is there a quicker way of adding these fields in instead of converting these variable type fields into physical fields on table 7002?


The only clue I have regarding it is create a Style Sheet for page 7002 and import a template based on the standard one but modified to accept variable fields. Honestly I’ve never done and don’t know if it’s possible to achieve your requirement.

An alternative solution could be develop a simply report with all the fields needed and let the user run “Save to Excel” function.

According my knowledge, The fields which are present in the table, can only Export to excel . The solution is to add the variables as the Fields in the table and run it… If any one knows better answer please let us know… Thank You…