NAV 2013 Document Report

Dear all,

The problem is with a customized Sales Invoice report, there are about 160 records in sales line but while print preview the Sales Invoice report, the report displays lines 101…till end, it is skipping the first 100 lines. Any idea what may have caused the problem ?

Nav version : 2013

Thanks in advance

It’s pretty hard to identify the problem without knowing report customization scope…can you give us some details about the modifications? Do the first 100 lines have some data in common?


Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay to respond. The issue was because the company logo was more than 1 MB in size.

It has been resolved. Thanks for the help

In that case would be better to pass the company logo just one time to reduce xml dataset dimension, applying code like this:

IF NOT LogoLoaded THEN
LogoLoaded := TRUE