NAV 2013 - Adding Fields to the Customer Card

Because you aren’t allowed to alter the customer table, I have created a new table ‘Extra Customer Info’ and made a CardPage bound to that table.

I then included that in the original customer page, so the customer card now has an extra fast tab called extra customer information with the fields in from the extra info table, however the fields in that fasttab are greyed out, and I can’t type anything in them.

Any ideas?

Is the Quick Entry property selected for these fields?

The quick entry field isn’t even an option, I must be using the wrong type of container. Is a card part the right thing?

Hi George,

I am new to Navision and i am using Nav 2013 R2 environment and was trying to do a sample same as what you was mentioning like adding some extra fields to the customer card by fetching the data from a sql server db where i save the extra fields data based on the customer ID.

I was able to write a sample to retrieve the additional data from the sql server db when i hard code the customer ID in a page but i am just unable to access the customer ID of the customer selected in the customer list so that i can use that to fetch that particular customer additional details.

If possible can you please explain how did you go forward in updating your customer card page for your requirement, I think that would give me some idea on how i need to go forward in this.

Thanks for the help…