NAV 2009R2 F8 copy feature not working in General Journal

We are new to NAV2009R2.

A few of our users have lost the ability to use the F8 copy function in the general ledger only. Has anyone encountered this before?

Hi Debbie and welcome to forum!

As new user you haven’t yet found your way around the site and have posted your question in wrong forum, but never mind, I’ll move your post where it belongs - NAV Enduser Forum

Now the issue you’re asking for - I haven’t seen such behavior ever… What did you mean saying have lost the ability - it suddenly stopped working as intended, or it was so from the very beginning?

Hi and thank you for redirecting my question.

Regarding my issue, the user had the ability to use the F8 key successfully (for several months), and then the functionality stopped working. She did not have any other programs running on her machine other than outlook. What is odd is that it is only the General Journal screen.