NAV 2009

As a potential new implementer of NAV, I have the perennial issue of a tight implementation schedule. As I cannot delay the project until the new NAV version is available, I am likely to start the project in September using 2005, then upgrade to version 2009 in November during the project.

Whilst this sounds like a nightmare it may not be too disruptive depending on how the front end has changed. Certainly less disruptive than after going live!

Has anyone any good links to NAV 2009 front end demo’s so I can see the differences?

Hi! **Partner:**If you are a partner log into “partnersource” and download the CTP version for internal use only.

There are no other ways at this time until it will be released.

**Customer or others:**You could go to Convergence in November 2008 in Copenhagen and get a preview if you have no partner access.


or searching web, blogs and communities for nav2009

Sorry …