NAV 2009 Web Service

In regards to NAV 2009 Web Services I am having a small problem. Here is the setup:

Computer Name Description

swk-test1 SQL Server 2005 + Database are on this server

swk-lab2 Web Services installed

Ports 7046 + 7047 are open + accessible. The services are set up with an administrator that is also a super user in navision. To see what web services are available I run this: http://swk-lab2:7046/DynamicsNAV/WS/Services from the Web Service machine and I get a correct response with the services list.

If I try running the same url on another machine it first asks for a password and then displays a “Can’t Find Page” in internet explorer error. In the application log on the web service machine an error was logged that says:


Type: Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Types.NavDatabasePasswordException

SuppressMessage: False

FatalityScope: None

Message: The login failed when connecting to SQL Server

I am sure I am missing some little security option or somethig like that.

I am sure I am missing some little security option, does anyone have an answer?

One more piece of info. The server where the database resides has the following error in the application log:

Login failed for user ‘NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON’. [CLIENT: swk-lab2]

Hi Jason, I suggest you read the nav_install.chm help file on the NAV2009 install set (under documentation) and read the walkthrough for “Installing the Three Tiers on Three Computers”.