NAV 2009 Test drive sign on problem for alicia role.

Hi I am trying to folow the testv drive exercise in the test environment

When I select the alicia profile (First step) I get a dos prompt with a request password prompt.

But the prompt does not seem to acccept any input , when I enter pass@word1, nothing appears not even *****

when I press enter NAV2009 does not start , in fact nothing happens , can anyone help please.



I have found the problem but I am still having problems.

The test environment expects a us keyboard, when I add a french keyboard , I still can’t use the @ key.

To do this you have to entert right alt (which it does not recognise) and 0 (zero).

Has anyone any ideas ?

The only way I could get it to work was:

Set Keyboard to english uk then enter


Which is the quivalent of


This was an issue not only with the test environment, but early in VPC images, too - English(US) keyboard MUST be used…

MS knowledge base has (had?) an article on this, no actual help provided, repeating the statement about US kb, although they promised to take out “@” from password, which is the cause of problem.

You may install EnUS keyboard layout, and use it, but characters will not correspond to french keys you type, as layout is different. Swithch to EnUS for password input (@ is Shift-2 there), on login switch back to French or whatsoever you have.

Weird solution, of course, but at least it works [;)]