NAV 2009 SP1: Item Tracking / Lot No. issue

I’m a bit lost!

I have a client who runs NAV 2009 SP1.

They have a whole bunch of purchase orders they cannot invoice.

The common issue for these purchase orders is that they are all posted as received in February. When they where received a Lot No. was entered on the purchase order. Later, still in February, the received items where sold and shipped to the customer, including the Lot No.

But now in March, when they finally received the invoice, then they are not able to post the invoice. They are getting this error:

Item Ledger Entry Entry No. ‘0’ does not exist.

Now when checking the Item Tracking Lines from the order, the form shows up empty.

The only way I have found to get around this problem is to insert a matching entry into table 336 (Tracking Specification) using a codeunit. But I would really prefer to find the reason for this error.

Did anyone experience something similar? And did you find a solution?

I did the “solution” to insert the entries into table 336, but I’m not really happy about this and would love to hear if anyone else has a better solution.


I have seen this before, when the line does not have a tracking specification entry does it have a reservation entry for this item which should not been there?

Hey Erik,

I tried your case & did’nt find any issue, every thing is working fine.

Is it possible for you to provide detail process of what has been done.

Hello Erik,

I have the same issue but with serial numbers and in version 2009 R2 (Belgium).

When I link an item tracking line to a purchase order it is stored in table 337 (Reservation Entry). if a quantity is received on that purchase order the reservation line is moved to the table ‘Tracking Specification’ (table 336) and the line is deleted from the reservation entry. So far so good, works perfectly in standard Navision.

If you now try to invoice this receipt the system will read the data from the tracking specification table and will use it to apply the correct item ledger entry from the receipt with the (new) item ledger entry for the invoice. And there it becomes a problem.

Somewhere (?) in the system a program is deleting ALL the data from table 336 (report, codeunit, …?) and the posting of your receipt goes bazurk giving you this error for virtually every purchase orders where you first received serial (or lot) items. The only thing you can now do is to write a program to rebuild these records using the purchase lines (&sales lines) and the item ledger entries (where the serial/lot number is stored).

If you would find the object that deletes all the tracking specification records, please contact me! I am going to look further on the internet to see if someone already found the answer.



Hi Erik,

I have exactely the same Issue with my customer.

But the problem happens in sales department instead of purchase.

Also, the problem doesn’t apply for all sales orders and we are not able to reproduce it.

Did you have any response to this problem since your post ???

Thanks in advance


I’m sorry, I have not received any other responses to this. But my customer didn’t really have this problem since I asked the question, so I’m not planning to do anything else about. On the other hand then I’m still interested to hear if anyone has a better solution than hardcoding the entries.


We are facing a scenario as below in NAV 2009 SP1 ,

  1. Create a transfer order with item tracking LOT number card option all fields checked except Lot No. Info must exist for inbound and outbound and Lot warehouse tracking.

  2. Some times when the user ship the item and define lot number for ship

  3. when the user tries to receive the item it says you must define the Lot Number ( Although the lot number was already assigned at time of shipment)

Have any one faced the same problem? any ideas please?