NAV 2009 SP1 Form Is Different For Different Computers

I have several PC’s running the same version of NAV 2009 Classic Client, connecting to our NAV 2009 SP1 server, and they get different results when opening Form 17 - G/L Account Card. This form was originally modified in 2010, a new custom tab (labeled “Auditor”) was added to the form by a consultant for our requirements. On all the client PC’s, when the form is viewed in Object Designer they see the same date and time this form was modified, but on some clients when “Design” is selected the users see different versions of the form (some with the tab added, some without the tab - in the ‘wrong’ versions the ‘missing’ tab’s fields and labels are superimposed over the other tab’s contents).

  • All the testing users have ‘super’ permission.
  • The PC’s are Windows 7 Pro clients (using active directory) and Classic Client (version US Dynamics NAV 6.0 SP1 (6.00.30212), with KB978537.
  • The PC NAV clients have been installed at different times. Today I installed a fresh version of NAV 2009 Classic client on a new PC and was able to open the ‘correct’ form version (with the tab added as expected), before and after KB978537 was applied.
  • Logging directly onto the SQL server as administrator and launching the NAV 2009 classic client, Object Designer opens the “wrong” version of Form 17 (the custom tab is missing).
  • I can recreate this error on different test database copies going back 6 months.
  • The issue appears to me to be Classic Client install related - the same user can log onto different PC’s and get different results.
  • I tried a different ZUP file but it didn’t seem to make any difference.

I discovered this strange behavior because we needed to add a new GL card, when I tried to open the GL card I got the error “Invalid page number (4) for the tab control named ‘Control1’. (InPage was set to 4 on the TextBox ‘Name’)”. I found a reference to this error in a user group forum ( which shows a missing tab is the reason for the error. By modifying Form 17 and putting the tab back in the problem is resolved for that copy of the database.

Furthermore, for one of the test databases (Jul_15_2013) in Object Designer we added the missing tab and labeled it “blank”. On some Classic client PC’s when opening this test database the tab shows up as “Blank” and some Classic Client PC’s it shows up as “Auditor”!

I would appreciate the community’s help with my questions:

  • Why would the form behave differently on different PC clients? Would this behavior show up in other NAV elements?
  • What do I need to do to resolve this issue, and have all the clients open the same forms?

Thanks very much.