NAV 2009 Restore Archive Sales Quote, Error Occurance Must be Equal to 1

I have just joined a new company who is using Dynamics Nav 2009. I obvioulsy wasn’t here during the implementation, and am still trying to learn the system myself. I was just approached by one of the sales men who was asking why he gets the following error when attempting to restore a Sales Quote from the Sales Quote Archive.

Doc. No. Occurence Must Be Equal to ‘1’ in Sales Header: Document Type=Quote,NO.=SQ003508. Current Value is 2.

From the error, it seems as though perhaps restoring of achive items isn’t even enabled? Anyway, hoping someone can help me out. Thank you!

We also tried to perform a ‘copy document’ function as stated on

However in our list of available documents to copy, none of them are Archive Quote, or Archive Order. Those 2 options just arent available.

Msg means that you already have a Quote with No = SQ00358, duplicate Nos are not allowed.

You can’t use Archived versions as “templates” to create docs over and over again. These are different versions of the SAME document, allowing you only to revert the doc back to one of previously saved versions.

Regarding second question - the article states, that CopyDoc functionality allows as option “Archived Quote / Order”, but 2009 SP1 actually does not have it included - maybe 2009 R2 have - I don’t remember by heart and currently I don’t have a R2 installation in “walkable proximity”.

Makes sense. Thanks for the response!