Nav 2009 R2 w1 translation problem after upgrading with new hotfix


After upgrading Nav2009r2 to 38655 version the translation its not working in Role center

Some parts are translated but some when you starting RTC for a moment translation appear (less than a second) and then back to english

Thanks in advance

That’s because the texts are not translated in the role center navigation menu.

If you have created a new role center, or just added new items to the navigation menu through the role center configuration mode (by you, your partner or even via your local country version), then this is not translated.

Thank you Erik,

i want to mention again that when we upgrade the RTC with new hot fix, problem with translation appears, before that the translation was ok.
The print screen is from Order Processor Role Center (9006) and this object is manualy translated from object designer, like i mention when i start the RTC the translation appears less then a second and then back to english

This is the video of the problem 2703.WP_20150917_002.mp4 (4.01 MB)

From the looks of it then the translations are actually missing from your code. So maybe your partner forgot this when upgrading?

What you can do is first to check with a clean database of your localized version, to see if the translations are in the role center in that database. If they are, then it’s possible to export the language codes from the object there, and import them into your own database.
You don’t mention if you work for a partner or end-user. But I’m assuming a partner, since regular users cannot use the translation tools, you show in your video. Because all the objects where you do this, needs to be recompiled again. And of course, never do it in your live database. Do it in a test database, and install it there when done.