Nav 2009 R2 version difference

I’ve a client having Nav 2009 R2 Version W1 4.0 SP1 (6.0.32012) and I’ve downloaded the Nav 2009 R2 from Microsoft which have the following version:

Nav 2009 R2 Version W1 6.0 R2 (6.0.32012)

So what the difference between the two versions and how to upgrade the Version W1 4.0 to Version W1 6.0

I think first version is like somebody open NAV 4.0 database open in NAV 2009 R2 version

The version 6.0.32012 is version of NAV 2009 R2

You can find upgrade toolkit on Partnersource/customersource.

Thanks Amol for the feedback.

The objective is to upgrade the Nav 2009 R2 Version W1 4.0 to Nav 2013 R2

However, when running the object upgrade601700.fob we are having errors. Hence think we have to upgrade Version W1 4.0 to Version W1 6.0 then to upgrade to 2013 R2.

Do you know the exact tool that must be used for the upgrade because have search the partnersource but no specific info have been gathered

You can find the tool in NAV DVD itself.

it will be under DVD\UpgradeToolKit…you can find documents also under UpgradeToolKit\Documents